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From accounts to private keys, Cregis covers everything

Through MPC private key sharding, TEE encryption environment, privacy computing, permission and process management, and MFA account authentication, full-process security protection from account to private key is achieved. In ensuring the safe management of assets through multi-person collaboration while providing a good user experience

From account to private key

Cregis protects every process


MPC encrypted sharding, private key is more secure

Use MPC encryption sharding technology to split the private key into shards, and store the MPC shards in the cloud and locally. Combined with the sharding in the cloud, the calculation of each MPC shard is performed in a different place of.

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TEE memory environment makes transactions safer

When each MPC fragment is generated, calculated and signed, we ensure that these operations are performed in a safe memory environment, and this memory environment is isolated.

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Multiple members, multiple devices, no compromise on security

Through the authorization of the team's administrator, one account can be supported to have MPC shards on multiple devices, achieving convenient use under the premise of security.

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Multiple verification mechanisms

Three-factor authentication through email authentication, Google authenticator, and password ensures the security of your account.

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Your mnemonic, your self-hosting

There is no need to worry about sharding being insecure on multiple clients. It can be controlled based on permission management, and all shards can be reset using mnemonic words.