Digital Asset Operation Platform

In Web3 Era

Cregis delicately design a crypto asset management&collabration platform consisting of various tool kits to help you&your team efficiently& securely collaborate in managing assets

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Data, Service,Trust

7 years of secure operation record, living up to the trust of global corporations. Customers cover Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, North America, Australia, etc

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2556 Days

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Based on cutting-edge cryptography

Through MPC encryption technology combined with TEE environment computing, transaction signatures can be achieved without exposing the original private key. Furthermore, Cregis is supported by MFA account verification. We also provide hardware product to make your assets more safety

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Reduce Complexity, Improve Efficiency

Under the protection of security identification and risk control, transaction processes are intelligentized to improve asset turnover efficiency

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Intelligent Workstream

Based on the isolation of asset management and business scenarios, multiple people collaborate to manage processes and risk control, so that assets can run in an orderly manner

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Friendly API, Reduce Costs

Provides common wallet docking and business functions for enterprise users, flexible selection, fast access, fast use, and greatly reduces

Refined User Experience

Simple and efficient asset operation functions to help teams or individuals achieve scientific asset managemen

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On 3/20/2023, UDun officially rebrand to Cregis. We will provide more powerful financial collaboration management functions, stay tuned!