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Cregis will participate in TOKEN2049 & a series of events to consolidate and expand the global market

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We’re excited to announce that Cregis will be participating in the Web3 Summit TOKEN2049 and a series of events in Singapore from September 11 to 14. We’re looking forward to connecting with individuals and businesses from around the world who are interested in the Web3 industry. We’ll be showcasing the latest version product Cregis and are excited about the potential opportunities this event may bring.

Not only TOKEN2049 but also participate in tons of side events.

Thanks to the advantageous policies, Singapore has quickly become a global hub for the Web3 industry. TOKEN2049 summit held in Singapore is now recognized as one of the most influential large-scale summits worldwide. Over 10,000 attendees, 300+ speakers, 300+ side events, and 5,000+ companies participating.

In addition to our presence at TOKEN2049 in Marina Bay Sands, Cregis will also be participating in the Metastone & Builder DAO Summit on September 11th at the Parkroyal Collection Hotel and the MetaEra Summit on September 12th at the Pan Pacific Singapore, Pacific Ballroom, Level 1, 7 Raffles Blvd, Singapore.

Cregis is scheduled to attend the ForesightX Hackathon event on September 11 as a roundtable participant As a speaker, attend a Techhub News event at the Microsoft Office, held on the same day at Over Easy. Additionally, Cregis will be taking part in the W Labs Game Summit, which will be held at 10 Anson Road #31—06, International Plaza.

Based in HK, expanding the global Web3 market

Cregis, headquartered in Hong Kong, has been operating for six years and participated in several summits this year, including the HK Web3 Festival in Hong Kong, IVS2023 KYOTO in Kyoto, Japan, and Coinfest 2023 in Bali, Malaysia. Cregis has completed the brand upgrade and is now focused on consolidating its position in the Asian market and expanding in the global market.

As a secure and easy-to-use self-custody collaboration service platform for the Web3 industry, Cregis designed to provide a secure and efficient enterprise-grade Web3 financial SaaS platform for enterprises, teams, projects, and individuals. Bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 to empower customers to safely manage their assets. This includes serving their own customers (B2B2C) and realizing Cregis’ vision of mass adoption of Web3.

Singapore is a city-state that boasts a thriving garden culture and is renowned for its technological advancements and innovative policies. Thanks to the exceptional talent pool and distinct strengths, Singapore has become a hub for cutting-edge developments. By taking part in the TOKEN 2049 and other Web3 side events, Cregis is set to solidify its position in the global market further and expand its reach.

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