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Cregis will Attend COINFEST ASIA 2023 in Bali, Strengthening the Position in the Asian Market

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Cregis is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming COINFEST ASIA conference in beautiful Bali, Indonesia, on August 24—25. This exciting conference will bring together over 100 industry leaders to share insights into Web3, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse.

Notably, on the first day of the conference, at 3:05 PM, Cregis will be invited as a panelist in a roundtable discussion --- “Asia’s Crypto Takeover: Redefining Market Domination.” Alongside esteemed panelists from Kasikorn Bank, OKX, BitGO, and A-B-I, Cregis aims to explore practical solutions and bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

Self-custody & collaboration service set Cregis apart

Located in HK, Cregis has been operating for over six years. Following a brand upgrade this year early, it has been focusing on the Asian market. As a secure & user-friendly self-custody collaboration service platform for the Web3 industry, Cregis designed to provide enterprises, teams, projects, and individuals with a secure and highly effective enterprise-grade financial SaaS platform for Web3.

As the slogan of Cregis suggests, “More than a wallet”, it provides a comprehensive and innovative approach to asset management. And Cregis has provided a highly secure & innovative solution for managing assets via cryptographic solutions and self-custody service.

By providing extensive financial management features, Cregis enables clients to securely manage their assets while also serving their own clients (B2B2C). This bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 and aids business-to-consumer service, particularly in payments. Generally speaking, Web3’s massive adoption is the ultimate goal of Cregis.

Cregis offers various modes of Web3 asset management, catering to diverse team collaboration needs. It provides multiple user account roles and permission controls, such as administrators and team members, which allows for the customization of member roles and permissions for enhanced team collaboration management.

Cregis streamlines manual transaction handling, transaction initiation, and confirmation while minimizing risks and errors. It facilitates the secure delegation of financial approval and payment signature permissions to specialized team members, with customizable approval flows and reconciliation features.

Features such as the creation of bulk addresses, asset operations, transaction identification and notification, high-risk addresses identification, etc., make Cregis suitable for B-end users and empower C-end users, significantly improving efficiency. Looking at things from a market perspective, Cregis has the potential to become the ‘PayPal’ of Web3.

Time-tested security and innovative technologies

Furthermore, Cregis has proven its security with six years of incident-free operation, which enables Cregis to maximize the advantages of cryptographic technologies on the foundation of its self-custody service.

Cregis uses various advanced cryptographic technologies, including MPC (Secure Multi-Party Computation), TSS(Threshold Signature Schemes), TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) secure computing environments, and process-oriented interaction design to resolve issues with previously self-custody wallets in the market.

Through the combination of MPC and mnemonic phrases, Cregis ensures complete user control over assets while ensuring security during the transaction initiations and processes. In daily use, users only need to back up their mnemonic phrases. If the mnemonic is lost, the user can immediately recover assets on their existing device using MPC shards.

The fully self-custody MPC function of Cregis ensures that the platform cannot access any shards of the customers, eliminating concerns about asset loss due to malicious platform operations. Furthermore, Cregis is developing the functionality libraries of SGX, TrustZone, and Nitro to provide users with the highest level of secure service.

This means that in the future, not only will the MPC process take place within TEE in Cregis, but user shards can also be stored in the TEE environment. Even if hackers compromise a user’s devices and all of Cregis’ servers, they won’t be able to use any of the user’s shards. Thus, Cregis truly achieves a trustless product.

Additionally, Cregis has developed its own unique public chain transaction construction support library and the high-speed processor of the public chain full node, providing users with a better user experience. Overall, the coordinated operation of multiple technical components within the Cregis platform makes Web3 digital assets operation in the Web3 industry and traditional industries safer, more efficient, and more widespread.

Apparent advantages of Cregis in the Asian market

As an advanced customization, private deployment of Cregs is a popular feature. It allows clients to deploy the core algorithm library and source code into their servers while clients can enjoy both the security of hardware wallets and the rich functionality of Cregis. Because of these rich features, Cregis has become popular in the Asian market.

Over the past 12 months, Cregis has consistently held an advantage in the Asian market with client quantities, the numbers of addresses, and transaction amounts. Despite Asia being the most promising market for Web3 globally, there has yet to be a market-dominating product in the Web3 payment field. However, Cregis has the potential to become a unicorn in this space.

Future market plan

In the upcoming months, Cregis has several events planned throughout Asia. These gatherings will provide an opportunity for global friends to engage with us, ask any questions they would like, and get to know us better. Cregis is excited to meet and connect with everyone who interests us.

Stay tuned for more updates from Cregis. Cregis will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of this exciting industry.

Contact with Cregis

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